Our vision

“In BIOTEN Group, each day is an opportunity for new challenges.
Which are these?
Our vision.. is a pleasant environment of cooperation and progress in which we will create products of high quality. Produtcs, that can make our everyday lives and the future of our children, a better place.”

Objectives- Our Mission

Satisfying the needs and desires of our consumers with safe products, quality excellence and affordability, is the main objective of BIOTEN Group.

Our values

Our goal is to manage with responsibly and integrity. Our values ​​describe our responsibility towards its employees, consumers and the environment.

Work with integrity
Conducting our work with integrity and respect for all partners, vectors, communities and the environment that we connect constantly, has always been our business concern. We operate with uprightness and a deep sense of responsibility, because we believe that a long-term success, lays on the quality of its products and its consistency.

The credibility and strict control standards, are the features that distinguishes our brand and set our partnerships and cooperations of high expectations.

Environmental Management
The philosophy and the principles of BIOTEN Group, «impose» the formulation of our business plan and our production line, based on a project of environmental awareness.

Think Green
The “THINK GREEN” model, is our starting point and was entirely built on our environemental awareness.
Through a series of studies and investment operations, BIOTEN annihilated the natural resourced depletion, while it formed new consumer behaviors by producing new products (Wood Pellet – Sawdust Briquette Charcoal).


The BIOTEN Group operates both in Greece and abroad. The corporate headquarters located in Thessaloniki while it has branches, stores and factories, in Greece and internationally. In particular, it has:
40.000sq.m in Alikes Kitrous, Pieria, Greece
4.500 sq.m. in Paiania, Athens, Greece
50.000 sq.m. Briquette Plant in Romania.
3.000 sq.m Sorting and Packaging Unit of Charcoal in Ghana.


The production capacity of BIOTEN Group, evolve continually with proprietary facilities in Romania and Ghana. More specifically, the Briquettes- Charcoal and Pellets Plants, have the production capability of 8,000 tons to 25,000 tons per year, respectively. The production and commerce of traditional Charcoal in Ghana, can also produce big volumes of high quality charcoal annually.





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