Sawdust Briquettes Charcoal



Sawdust Briquettes Charcoal

The Sawdust Briquettes Charcoal are made by sawdust 100% as a raw material without any additives .For this are an ecological and clean renewable biofuel, which leaves no ash, have high calorific value, while they are easy to store and easy to use.

Why BIOTEN Charcoal Briquettes?

Ecological consciousness and harmony with the environment. This is the “picture” of the factory, in the heart of Romania, which employs more than 100 skilled workers and daily produces new and 100% organic product.

More than 8,000 tons of high quality charcoal briquettes produced annually, as a result of both the strict selection of the raw materials and the production line itself, which satisfies the necessary certificates of quality assurance.

Using solid waste of the sawmills, (sawdust) ,as the raw materials and clean of debris with high calorific value, this new renewable biofuel.

Unlike the traditional charcoal, the BIOTEN Charcoals have slow combustion, make perfect combustion due to low humidity, while the amount required is such that allows easy storage and economical heating.

Product highlights

  • It is 100% ecological product.
  • It has extremely high carbon content (about 90%).
  • Long and slow combustion.
  • High calorific value (about 8000cal / kgr).
  • It does not create sparks during combustion.
  • It does not create smoke.
  • Leaves no odors.
  • Leaves no ash (less than 2% of the original volume).
  • Easy handling and storage, due to the shape and size.


Package: The product is packaged and available in boxes of 5kg, 9kg,  and 10kg.

Usage: It is the ideal product for barbecue.