The Charcoal Plant of BIOTEN Group is located in Accra, Ghana, in Africa and annually can produce large volumes of high quality charcoal.

For BIOTEN, what’s improtant for a high quality product, is not the production process alone, but the quality of raw materials as well.

Thus, our raw materials are tropical timbers with high density. As far as the production processes is concerned, are under strict and continuous monitoring, so that the final product is highly efficient. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of Charcoal and research department, which improves, daily, the production processes.

Product highlights

  • Long and combustion.
  • Light up easily.
  • High carbon content.
  • High calorific value.
  • It is sifted (2-12 cm).
  • Moisture-free and impurities- free.
  • Sparks – free.


Why Bioten Charcoal?

Τhe Charcoal is carbon (coal), derived from the incomplete combustion of wood. The difference between BIOTEN and the other companies which operate in the production of charcoal, lays on our modern facilities and the use of the latest technology. This enables us to produce products of excellent quality, in large quantity and unbeatable prices.