Pellet Cerification

Two are the most important factors that determine the production of high- quality pellets: The raw material –mostly- and the mechanical equipment during the production.
Use only, clear wood in the production process· this is what makes the BIOTEN Pellets, different from other pellets in the market.
Agricultural residues, energy crops, second hand timber, impregnated pallets are not or anything non-woody, are not use in BIOTEN pellets.


The evolution and progress of BIOTEN Group, never stop, with systematic analyzes of our products by our workshop both domestically and abroad.

EN Plus Certification

We produce and trade solid biofuels as pellets and charcoals, certified by the highest quality and safety standard of the European Union. This is how we ensure the best possible efficiency of your boiler, the clean fuel burning and the safety manual.

REA-Check Analysis

Chemical analysis of Sawdust-Briquette- Charcoal and quality certification of European laboratories.

See the attached files with the results of the analysis.

Chemical analysis




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