Pellets or Wood Pellets, is a sort of fuel, derived from wood or biomass. It is 100% environmentally friendly as it is made ​​from waste sawmills or wood processing units (eg. Sawdust, wood chips, trimmings, etc.). So, not only is not required to harvest more trees to produce the fuel but it also removes the remnants of forest logging, decreasing the risk of fire.

Savings up to 70% of fuel market cost and with much lower carbon emissions (compared to oil), the Pellet is the solution for a heating system with environmentally conscious.

Pellets are widely used across Europe and beyond as a fuel for stoves, fireplaces, boilers with high-tech devices, allowing for autonomy, regulating temperature, burning control and weekly, e-programming function.

Based on data back in 2009, the consumption of Pellets in Europe has been continuously growing, with an annual consumption of 2,000,000 tons in Sweden, 1.2 million in Italy, 15,000 in Greece and 1,000,000 tonnes in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, while the 2 / 3 of the new heating systems in Austria, use the Pellets.

The constant increase in oil and gas, seems to hinge more and more consumers on the use of pellets, contributing to the already, excellent fuel efficiency with constant humidity in 8-10%.

Why BIOTEN Pellets?

Our Pellets are produced from pure wood of coniferous trees, in accordance with the latest European standards. WE USE ONLY WOOD! BIOTEN Pellets do not contain additives, agricultural waste or second-hand timber. This is the reason why, they have the highest quality available on the European market.

The BIOTEN produces and trade Woodpellet ONLY of high quality, in the most competitive prices.

The BIOTEN Pellet Plant in Romania employs more than 30 people and has a production capacity of 25,000 tons yearly. Also represents GENOL, in Greece and Turkey, the entire range of solid biofuels.

We produce and trade woodpellets, EXCLUSIVE, from pure wood of coniferous trees, according to the latest European standards, without additives, agricultural residues or a used timber. Therefore, the name BIOTEN Group, is synonymous with the quality supremacy.

Finally, as our primary goal is the customer satisfaction, the BIOTEN together with GENOL, has the ability to trade, in competitive prices, all kinds of solid biofuel according to your needs.









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