BIOTEN and partners

Bioten Group renforce its workforce and evolve throught its partnerships.

Part of the Bioten Group partners is now the largest company in Austria· Genol.Genol  is a member of the RWA Group and is active in marketing management and trading of conventional fuel and biofuel wood pellet – agro pellet, in  Austria.

However, the successful partnerships our company, do not end here. BIOTEN Group collaborates with the National Centre for Research and Technological Development and with the Center of Renewable Energy, both for research and certification pellet, and the contribution of biomass- energy projects.

The research and development of our products are our fundamental principle. Thus, the Group also takes part in the research and development of innovative, new products that follow the procedure “torrefaction” and address to electricity generation Plants.
As far as the trade of pellet is concerned, Bioten has access to to pellet Plants around the world and the possibility of importing significant amount of imports, according to the energy needs of each client· all thanks to its partnership with GENOL. It also takes part in all the Biomass conferences performed in major European Capitals and monitors, closely, all the progress in the heating industry, in cooperation with the Board of AEBIOM (European Biomass Association).

In the Logistics Department, the Group owns facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki and can supply its clients, in nationwide level.




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